Things That We Used In The 1950’s That You Can’t Find Today

If you think about the technology and gadgets that exist today – including the Internet and the iPhone – it’s hard to imagine life without them. They have really revolutionized changed the way we live, learn and connect with others. Yet, as impossible as it is to survive without them, many of us have grown to have a perpetual nostalgia for the past and unsurprisingly a deeper appreciation for anything vintage.

Flashback to the 1950’s, there were many trends and tools that were really in vogue then that no longer exist today. From fashion accessories to cooking gear, it’s quite interesting to know what was then considered trendy.

Don’t Point Those At Me!

For fashion lovers, one of the biggest trends back then was the conical bra, which literally looks like a bullet bra. It was considered a sex symbol and was often worn by Hollywood glamour girls like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Jane Russell, but also by regular women. As it was imaginably uncomfortable and also unflattering, the design fell out of favor in the early 1960s when undergarment manufacturers started styling bras with more padding and underwire support. You really wouldn’t see anyone wearing the conical bra at all today, except for the occasional times when pop superstars like Madonna and Lady Gaga are making a major fashion revival of the 60s in their concert tours. But nothing characterizes 50s fashion as much as the saddle shoe does. Everyone owned a pair and they’re basically just white oxford shoes with a leather strap stitched across the instep. Even if oxfords are making a major comeback today, the saddle shoes have already been a goner.


When it comes to music and entertainment, portable transistor radios, as well as phonographs, were extremely popular in the 1950s. However, you would rarely come across these devices today, except in antique shops selling collectors’ items. Still, they wouldn’t probably be in good condition and are simply for decorative purposes. Thankfully, today, we can just simply listen to music straight from our smartphones, computers or our tablets.

Speaking of computers, people back in the 1950s greatly relied on typewriters for practically all of their writing needs other than personal correspondence. They were widely used by college students and professionals from all careers imaginable – in offices, to write academic papers and for business dealings. However, by the end of the 1980s, typewriters were largely displaced by word processors and mainframe computers and it’d be quite a treat to see one being sold today.


If you’re curious about the kitchen tools and accessories that were greatly popular back then, the gelatine container mold is probably one of the most staple ones during that decade. It was a basic kitchen accessory present in every household, but teenagers today would surely be baffled by the thought of gelatine cakes containing suspended fruit, nuts and marshmallows.

Reality is that there are just so many other gadgets and tools that existed in the 1950s that you won’t be able to find today. Other kitchen tools such as handheld ice cream sandwich makers, pot strainers, and crude-looking meat tenderizers are already way past of their time and are nowhere to be found today. Even if you go searching for these in vintage shops and antique stores, the chances of you finding one are likely very small.

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