Grandma Puts On First Art Show And Nobody Shows Up

The internet can be a crazy place sometimes. And sometimes it can make miracles happen. For, Grandma Magdalene, it was nothing short of a miracle. When the 89-year-old Thompson, Connecticut resident Magdalene Jourdan put on her first art show, she never expected that nobody would show up to the event. But neither did she anticipate what would happen in the next few days just because of a simple tweet from her granddaughter!

Lily Journdan posted a photo of her Grandma Magdalene on twitter, stating how upset her grandma was when she found out that nobody attended her art exhibition. 43 of her artworks from the past 60 years were showcased at her first art reception at the Thompson Public Library. Grandma Magdalene was really excited for the event. She had been preparing for months. She even dressed up to attend the event. But later she had her heart broken. Lily even told BuzzFeed that her grandmother felt foolish for even trying.

This single tweet by Lily quickly caught attention of many people. With over 12 thousand retweets and 18 thousand likes within just a day, Lily was surprised to know how much the people on the internet were touched by the distress of Grandma Magdalene. Many offered words of encouragement, many promised to visit the art show, and some even took it to new heights by posting photos of themselves with watering red eyes. Some people even got angry at all the Thompson residents who didn’t show up!

The Facebook event page for Grandma Magdalene’s art show, titled “Reflections of a Lifetime,” has been similarly flooded with comments and inquiries as to how to purchase the art. Grandma Magdalene was touched by all these wonderful responses from people all across the nation. She even issued a statement to her adoring fans…

“I feel we are soulmates because you understand me and that makes me so happy. I thought I was forgotten, that nobody gave a hoot, but we will prevail.”

It’s no wonder she’d prevail… with beautiful artworks like these, sooner or later she was bound for greatness.

Well, one way or the other Grandma Magdalene did find out how much she was appreciated… and that there are still people who love art. And we found out how powerful a heartfelt message can be… even if it is only on the internet.

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