Donovan talks about the end of the 60s & Lennon’s quote ‘Being a Hero’

Additional interview from the documentary series Carnaby Street, the Soho backstreet that spawned the swinging 60s

The series chronicles the period in London from 1950-1978. Part 1 (1950-66) Britain comes out of War, The Beatles were formed and fashion and music centre around Carnaby St. Part 2 (1966-78) the height of Swinging London the summer of love The Beatles split and the youth revolution is over.

Carnaby Street, the Soho backstreet that spawned the swinging 60s tells the story how a generation that came out of war torn Britain started a cultural revolution that changed fashion and music forever. This was the time of sex, drugs and rock n roll, Mods, Hippies, female liberation, drugs and of course the summer of love.

The story of the Soho backstreet that made the world swing, is told by the people that were there, which include Roger Daltrey (The Who), Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits), Garry Leeds (The Walker Brothers), The Beatles, Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones), Donovan, Frank Alan (The Searchers), Tony Calder (Immediate Records), the Fashionistas from the time and many more, they all give personal insight into the iconic time of the 1960s, how it came to be and how it came to pass.

It is rare for a film to have such open and honest interviews from such wide ranging people. Combining current and archive interviews the film gives a real sense and feel of that time. We are taken on a journey from what caused the 60s youth revolution and what brought it to an end. The film is brought to life by Original music from the EMI archives, rare archive film footage, photographs from Phillip Townsend, the 1st person to photograph The Rolling Stones as well as the Beatles and others, personal photographs from the stars themselves and animations of 1960s illustrations from the Artist Malcolm English.

With 30 extra video clips from the interviews about the myths of what created that time, Carnaby St the Soho backstreet that spawned the swinging 60s creates a unique experience and insight into the lives and people who changed fashion and music worldwide. This is the story of "Swinging London", this is the story of the 60s.

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