Absurdly Sexist Coffee Ad (ca. 1960s)

In another commercial in this bizarre, early-sixties ad campaign for Folgers, a smug young husband says "Augh! This coffee is criminal!" as he throws a cup of his wife's coffee into a bed of petunias. Then, he obnoxiously berates his wife while sticking his finger in her face saying, "Admit it! Your coffee really is murder!" The wife goes to a European-accented old man in the grocery store and says, "Papa Eddie, it's my coffee–it's murder!" Papa Eddie is the male version of Mrs. Olsen, another Folger's coffee pusher. The obvious and equitable solution–the husband making his own coffee–is never considered by either party. The assumption that the wife's role is to please her man to his satisfaction is never questioned.

You know, I never quite got the whole concept of "mountain grown", much less the concept of a mountain. Is a mountain round? Is it square? Or perhaps they are shaped like an amoeba? Well, Papa Eddie sets the record straight here with an easy to remember hand signal which clearly indicates mountains are in fact triangular in shape. I wonder what ad man thought up THAT brilliant idea.

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